IW Skopje - 2020 Activities Review

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February 2020

Our club implemented the second part of the donation activity at the school for children with special needs "Idnina" from Skopje and it was consisted of donating three Ringobit aids to the school. The activity was part of a joint project under our District 255.

A ringobit is an educational tool for studying the basic mathematical operations by children with disabilities and children experiencing difficulties in the studying process as well as for small preschool children.

March 2020

Honoring the longtime member of Inner Wheel Club of Skopje, our friend and a recognizable name in our society, the urban lady Ms.Angelina Janevska, who sadly passed away, our club donated a bench to the Woman Warrior Park in Skopje. 

The bench reads:

"For the strong and for the weak, the brave and the sensitive, for all humane women, in loving memory of Angelina Nina Janevska 1961 - 2019."

April 2020

This was the time when the world faced a pandemic of a very large scale with the new corona virus / Covid-19.

Our club felt the need to make contribution in the fight with this global problem, so a small donation was made to the Clinic of Infectious Diseases in Skopje. We donated towels, blankets and disinfectant gels.

On her independent initiative, but on behalf of the club, our member Mrs. Ani Stefkova Markovska made a personal donation to the Clinic for Children's Diseases in Skopje which consisted of disinfectant gels and boxes of disposable gloves.

May 2020

Being highly aware of the pandemics’ risks and by following safety protocols, our Club held the regular meeting online. During the meeting, we referred to the several donations activities we made in the past period, but also we shared ideas for marking the 15th anniversary of the club, bearing in mind the current situation and focusing on the crisis caused by Covid-19. Members for the new presidency were also nominated.

July 2020

Our club made a donation of a UVC disinfection lamp to the Veles General Hospital. This donation was part of the joint project of District 255 and on the occasion of the Inner Wheel Club of Skopje celebrating its 15 Years Jubilee. (below, left).

Also, the same donation of a UVC disinfection lamp was made to the Kumanovo General Hospital.

The hospital staff was very grateful for this donation as this is an essential tool to make a safer environment for the employees and the patients. (above, right)

September 2020

Inner Wheel Club of Skopje elected the new presidency for 2020/2021.

Mrs. Eleonora Delinikolova, past president for 2019/2020, announced the new club’s presidency:

President: Mrs. Adriana Skerlev-Chakar

Deputy President: Mrs. Frosina Gecheva

Secretary: Mrs. Nadica Firfova

Treasury: Mrs. Makedonka Kosteska Ivanovska

The new presidency suggested that during 2020-2021 donations should be aimed at dealing with the consequences caused by the pandemic of the Covid-19, in such a way that within our power we would be donating equipment and personal protective equipment to health workers, facilities, schools and people who need help.

If an urgent occasion rises for the club to help into another area of activity, the club will set this as a priority above the ones listed previously.

All present members voted FOR the Action Plan for the period of 2020-2021.

Our club made a donation to the University Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions in Skopje, which consisted of a UVC lamp for disinfection, in order to help raise awareness of Covid-19 and the compliance with the protection measures.

Also, on the same day we made a donation of another UVC lamp for disinfection to the City Hospital “8 Septemvri” which capacities had been put into function for treatment of Covid-19 patients.

October 2020

On our FB page, we posted a video dedicated to the World Mental Health Day

Whether it is walking, dancing, yoga or gardening - regular physical activity can improve your mental well-being. Show us how you #MoveForMentalhealth! “

Join our #MoveForMentalHealthChallenge and share your video”.

Bearing in mind the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemics and the desire to help the education process being challenged under the circumstances, our club decided to donate a printer to the elementary school "Nikola Karev" from Krushevo.

We established the communication with the school’s principal, Mrs. Chavkarovska, through the teacher Ms. Agapi Chunkoska, who helped us put this activity into action. With this, we hope that the teaching staff are going to be more efficient with their activities by preparing their teaching materials

November 2020

We established the communication with the school’s principal, Mrs. Chavkarovska, through the teacher Ms. Agapi Chunkoska, who helped us put this activity into action. With this, we hope that the teaching staff are going to be more efficient with their activities by preparing their teaching materials

December 2020

On this date, our club made a donation to of protective suits to the Public Health Institution “The Health Centre” from Skopje. The president of the club, Dr.Andriana Skerlev Chakar and the club member Mrs. Ani Stefkova Markovska met the directors of the institution, Prof.dr. Viktor Isijanovski and Mr. Besim Koka and exchanged ideas for possible next donations because, as it was said, all donations are welcome.

Both Mr.Isijanovski and Mr. Koka thanked the Inner Wheel Club of Skopje by saying that these protective suits are essentials for the health workers in their daily fight with Covid-19.

Our member and past president, Mrs. Aneta Pesheva joined the 14th Inner Wheel Virtual European Meeting “Greece 2020”. She expressed her gratitude to the lady organizer of the event with these words:

“Thank you, Sissy Avgerinou, for your effort in organizing this "14 Inner Wheel Virtual European Meeting" online today and tomorrow. Everything was perfect. I am glad to see you, and I am so happy to see all my Inner Wheel friends from more than 30 European countries. Their recommendations for IW's future were useful for our actions. I hope that tomorrow our meeting will pass in this spirit. Well done once again. BRAVO!”

District 255 meeting was held via the Zoom application. The meeting was very productive, with each president reporting on the activities of their club, and then suggestions were made for future activities within the District 255 as well as action strategy for the following year prepared. A joint activity for the District 255 for 2021 was agreed on, which will be aimed at supporting online teaching by providing tablets for students from vulnerable categories.

Nadica Firfova

Secretary of Inner Wheel Skopje Club