Inner Wheel Day Project In Kuala Lumpur

Posted by | Jan 30, 2021 |

On the bright and sunny morning of 10th January, 2021, the ever enthusiastic President from the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur, District 330, Mrs Caylice Sabado, accompanied by PP Datin Brenda and 3 newly inducted members Mrs Lyna Boon, Mrs Lena Chua and Mrs Angelyn Koh joyfully brought along with them all these items to be donated to Crisis Home at Taman Yarl, Kuala Lumpur.

These items were generously donated by:

  • Dr Lee Su Kim - cans of pineapple tarts, muruku, canned longan and lychee, instant coffee and chocolates,
  • Mrs Lyna Boon - bottles of cooking oil, packets of laundry powder,
  • Mrs Lena Chua - instant noodles, egg noodles and coffee sachets,
  • Mrs Angelyn Koh - packets of biscuits
  • PP Datin Brenda, PP Elena and PP Bee Ngoh’s friends - packets of rice, sugar, salt, eggs, Milo, power milk, toiletries and BHH Food Co also sponsored packets of yee mee noodles.

A vote of thanks the Datin Brenda for hosting the lunch and Mrs Lyna Boon for hosting the High-tea. Also, special appreciation to Mr Iwan (husband of Mrs Lyna Boon) who generously scarified his rest day to ferry all the goodies to the home.

The Club was very glad that this project was able to carried out successfully just before the effect of MCO (Movement Control Order) 2.0, with many members coming forward to help at such short notice.

Mrs Ivy Ho