More Inner Wheel Day 2021 Projects - India

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Inner Wheel Club of Siliguri Uttaroyan, District 324

IWC Siliguri Uttorayon started a" Meal with Inner Wheel" at an initial cost of 1410 pound Sterling.

This was initiated with the aim of promoting branding and feeding the needy.

Anyone desiring to feed the hungry can hire this van and provide food to an unlimited number of beneficiaries.

Inner Wheel Club of Dimapur, District 324

They celebrated International Inner Wheel Day at Khatkhati by distributing Blankets, soaps, socks, masks to the poor mass near the Jagannath temple followed by pot luck picnic amongst the members.

Inner Wheel Club of Dhule Cross Road, District 306

They organised a Lecture on Body & organ Donation Drive on 10th January. Through a power point presentation various myths were busted and they could motivate about 74 people to pledge their organs & body.

District 307 on 10th January 2021 

The Clubs in District 307 did the following projects:

  • 100 sewing machines were donated by all the clubs to sewing machine centres, needy people generate to empowerment and many meters of fabric was also donated for sewing face masks. Total amount spent 3350 pound sterling.

Clubs seen in the photo are Inner Wheel Clubs of Udhampur, Phagwara, Kapurtala, Damtal, Amristar Midtown New Gen.

  • 97 new members were inducted.

Mass donation of woollens and clothes was done for NGO " Goonj". This NGO donates clothes to the far off villages & rural areas. The Clothes are recycled for usage .

Inner Wheel Club of Mandsaur Dashpur, District 304

On 10th Jan the Club donated a digital watch to the Neonate ICU Unit at Government run hospital with Clubs name on it thereby promoting Branding of Inner Wheel.

Inner Wheel Club of Dewas, District 304

Donated 3 sewing machines to needy ladies to help them earn at hands of District Chairman Shashi Gupta.

Inner Wheel Club of Vijayawada of District 302

On International Inner Wheel Day - 10th January 2021, felicitated 150 Nurses and Doctors who rendered their service during the pandemic. The COVID Warriors appreciated Inner Wheel organisation for recognising and honouring them.

Project Smile by Inner Wheel District 317


Caring for the old and underprivileged to help them eat better & have healthy life and regain confidence lost due to facial beauty by loss of teeth.


Due to lack of proper dental treatment old people are facing anemia and other health issues. Improper and inadequate food intake leads to weakness and other problems.

Execution of the Project on 10th January.

Last three months the clubs were tracking and pinning old and needy patients in need Dental treatment and Dentures. Various Dental camps were arranged and patients were pinned.

Dental surgeons from District 317 came forward to do the task on ground. This included Pre-denture treatment, castings and post denture seating’s and treatment.

A total of 77 dentures costing over 7756-pound sterling and a priceless smile were given on10th January.

District Chairman Dr Jyoti Patil being a Dentist herself innovatively planned and got this project executed.

Some of the photographs of the project are attached.

Club seen in photograph: Inner Wheel Club of Kolhapur, Kolhapur Sunrise, Sangli, Dandeli, Belgaum.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat-National Editor