Outreach against bullying in Padova

Posted by | Jan 21, 2021 |

I have been a proud Inner Wheel member for a number of years and I was brought up in a family where the ideals of service and friendship have always inspired our life, actions and choices. I have always appreciated the variety of inspiring and powerful projects promoted by Inner Wheel and I have actively taken part in some of them, especially those addressed to youth in need. In this perspective, I am particularly proud of our efforts to prevent bullying and cybe-rbullying.

These initiatives were started some years ago by the Italian National Board and they led to the development of the “NoBullismo” app, which can be easily downloaded by kids, parents and tutors. Within the contents of this app, we can find helplines, useful contacts, laws and legislation related to bullying and cyber-bullying, as well as links to relevant websites and associations. In the recent past, I have had the opportunity to discuss some of the features of this app on national television, in occasion of a series of high-school-level lectures that I gave as part of a project in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Education. The lectures cover a number of topics ranging from safety on the Internet to fake news, from physical, social and verbal bullying to cyber-bullying.

They also include activities and tips for teenagers to defend themselves from and react against any kind of bullying and hate speech. While discussing these tips and preventive measures, I introduced our “NoBullismo” app and Inner Wheel in general, as an example of an international organization that commits to bringing social issues to the discussion table.

The three-lecture series is in English and it can be accessed by teachers, students or anyone interested in the topic at the following hyperlinks:

  1. Can you surf the net safely?
  2. Cyberbullying and hate speech (this is where Inner Wheel and “NoBullismo” are mentioned).
  3. Fake news.

Monica Bezzegato – Immediate Past President