Third Year of the “The Wish Tree” Project

Posted by | Jan 18, 2021 |

The Wish Tree Project has been traditional for every new year since the foundation of Bellapais Inner Wheel Club, 1998.

This year our club carried out the project at 6 different schools. Four of the schools were primary schools, a special education centre and a Child Welfare & Activity Centre. We made contact with the headmasters or teachers working in these schools and asked them to help with the project. Each child wrote a short letter about her/his wish as a present for the new year and their teachers collected these letters and we took them, placed them in envelopes and hung them on our wish trees.

Then we placed these trees at some volunteer shops, cafes and offices. People took the envelopes, bought the wished present of each child and returned to the place where they got the envelopes before the deadline. We collected all the presents, checked and completed any missing ones and delivered them to the children before new year.

Watching their faces light up, when they got their presents, with happiness was priceless.

A total number of 524 children from the following schools: Çamlıbel Aysun Primary School, Alsancak Nursery and Pre-School, Karşıyaka Central Primary School, Balıkesir-Meriç Central Primary School, Algım Private Special Education Centre, Child Welfare & Activity Centre

During November the schools were chosen for the project and contacts made.

Also we decided where to place the Wish Trees.

In the first week of December the Wish Trees were placed at volunteer cafes, shops and offices.

On December 20th, the deadline for bringing the presents, we collected the presents, checked and sorted them.

The delivery dates were as follows :

23 December 2020 Algım Private Special Education Centre

24 December 2020 Karşıyaka Central Primary School , Alsancak Nursery and Pre-School and Child Welfare & Activity Centre.

25 December 2020 Meriç-Balıkesir Central and Çamlıbel Aysun Primary Schools

Mainly to make a wish of a little heart to come true and make them happy.

We believe that happy children will bring a happy future.

Eser Özyalçin