Humanitarian activities during Pandemic

Posted by | Jan 15, 2021 |

Even in this different atmosphere and difficult activities, the members of the Inner Wheel Club Varaždin still remained active in their altruistic work and held several humanitarian projects. In October, during the event Month of Books, they held a book sale called “Friend of Books” and encouraged fellow citizens to return to the habit of reading.

In the same period, members of the Club attended promotion of the book „String of black pearls “ written by Zdenka Čavić. Mrs. Čavić donated the entire amount from the selling books during the promotion to the Inner Wheel Club Varaždin contributing to scholarships for pupils and students to whom the club regularly pays monthly scholarships.

The members of the club also visited the atelier of the ceramic artist Štefanija Abramović and supported the opening of her independent exhibition in Ludbreg.

In cooperation with the Inner Wheel Club Dubrovnik, thanks to friend Meri Šuman Tolić who donated mandarins, they visited Association “Sun”on several locations, Ludbreg, Novi Marof and Ivanec, who`s primary goal is taking care of children with special needs. In addition to mandarins and sweets for children, they also donated surface disinfectants and antibacterial hand gels.

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on December 3 rd, they visited a single mother and her child with special needs and donated food, fruit, sweets, as well as personal hygiene products.

At the beginning of December, disinfectants, protective masks, gloves, and disposable shoe covers which are obligatory protective clothing during the pandemic were donated to the Institute of Emergency Medicine in Varaždin.

Currently members are active in collecting second hand clothing and footwear for users of the psychiatric hospital.

Although some of the activities had to be cancelled due to restraints introduced during the current situation, we are still active and continuing to act in the spirit of humanity and friendship which are exactly the foundations of all Inner Wheel clubs.

Ivana Godec Vinceković