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Inner Wheel Club of Bhopal District 304

The Club made banners & installed them at busy junctions and various public places in the City of Bhopal with the necessary helpline numbers thereby branding Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel Club Of Bhopal, District 304

The Club donated Log making machine which can make logs out of Cow dung. The famous Gayatri Mandir is home for more than 300 cows. The Cow-dung produced is used to make log which can be used for various purposes thereby saving trees and environment.

Inner Wheel District 323

Inner Wheel District 323 -The Clubs have shown commitment to girl child is focusing on menstrual hygiene support and to create awareness on use of sanitary napkins and good hygiene practices.

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They are ensuring to reach to all institutions, homes, Orphanages, migrant worker families and centres for girls. More than 32 clubs of District 323 till date have distributed over 1 lakh napkins to around 40,000 plus beneficiaries. Our target is to reach 3 lakh napkins to all needy homes and schools in the coming months.

These napkins are bio degradable and are made available at Indian Rs 1 per napkin and pack of 8 costs Rs. 8. This is due to the efforts of District Chairman Usha Saraogi who helped provide CSR funding towards this project.

Inner Wheel Club of Kalol, District 305

Water Harvesting project executed by IWC of Kalol with financial help through CSR from Gujarat Road and Infrastructure Company Limited (GRICL). The project worth 12,560 pounds is one of its kind, as it results in rain water harvesting and ultimately reuse of water for domestic or commercial applications in a controlled manner instead of letting the water reach the drain.

In this particular project there was water logging at the entrance of Kalol City. A simple process is followed which involves the following steps: structure storage, filtering and back to earth.

With this project a permanent and effective solution has been provided to the citizens of Kalol city and an amazing Water Harvesting project for the generations to come.

Inner Wheel Club of Hiranandani Estate, District 314

It’s not enough to celebrate Women’s Day once a year! Crime against women has always been on a high and along with enforcing strict laws it’s important to empower women with the skill of protecting themselves from potential abuse by strangers or people they know.

Women drivers of Public Transport have to face unruly behaviour and are vulnerable to uncomfortable situations too hence as a small step. Inner Wheel Club of Hiranandani Estate along with Rotary Club of Hiranandani Estate conducted a Self Defence session for 30 women drivers. It was appreciated & truly need of the hour.

Inner Wheel Club of Hubli, District 317

The Club installed a Welcome to Hubli Town Sign Board on the Main Highway at the entrance of the City. This was inaugurated by the District chairman Dr. Jyoti Patil This also helped in Inner Wheel Branding.

Inner Wheel Club of Goniana Midtown, District 309

They had two wall paintings done, one on public wall (with permission from the authority) and one on the personal property of DC Sushma Grover. These are made in the native language to create awareness on environment conversation for the local public. This helps in Inner Wheel branding.

Inner Wheel Club of Bhiwandi, District 314

The Club planted about 1400 trees & pledged to protect Environment .It was inaugurated by District Chairman Amala Mehta.

Inner Wheel Clubs in Cuttack, District 326

International Inner Wheel works on different issues and one of it is *Caring of Girl Child*. All Inner Wheel Clubs of Cuttack, Inner Wheel District 326 have put up an awareness hoarding at Buxi bazaar Square, in the centre of the city.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat