Sustained Giving between Oct & Dec 2020

Posted by | Jan 08, 2021 |

Sustained giving October through to December 2020

For the months of October, November and December, the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore kept up the momentum of donations and outreach, for children, Women and Migrant Workers.

Anjli our resident baker continued to bake cup cakes for various homes and organisations as well as providing a most appealing 3 Kg cake each month for the Good Shepherd After School Care children. For December, as a special treat for the 160 children, in addition to the three tier cake with the theme from the movie “Frozen”, candy canes were distributed and a beautiful ‘Frozen’ themed A4 sized zip case was gifted to each child.

To cap the year at the Good Shepherd Centre, a special meal was sponsored for the 50 children and staff at Good Shepherd Centre on Christmas Eve.

As the Indian festival of Light, Diwali fell in November, 210 Indian Migrant workers from two dormitories were treated to Indian snacks, sweets and reusable masks.

130 Migrant workers at a construction site recieved packet meals, towels and masks.

10 Welcome packs worth $100 each were provided for teenagers at Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre who helps teenage girls who have suffered from complex tramu of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

60 Reusable masks were also donated to Casa Raudha who provides temporary refuge to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence. We will continue to support and will be conducting online workshops in January 2021.

Wendy Louis