Christmas grocery for the poor in Cagliari

Posted by | Jan 07, 2021 |

The devastating effects of the pandemic on the economy are evident to all. It is not only the traditionally weak and poor people who are affected. Today, and it is there for all of us to see, there is a "new poverty" in society which affects a wider segment of society who need our help. A meeting with the parish priest, Monsignor Giuseppe Luxoro, of the Church of San Giacomo, in Cagliari, awoke the feelings of solidarity and social commitment that are fundamental to Inner Wheel, and guide all our actions.

The president, Evelina Knowlton, and all the members of the Cagliari Club wanted to make a concrete contribution to the many families in difficulty. They are mostly elderly, but also include people who have lost their jobs, and we wanted to ensure that there would be the guarantee of a Christmas lunch on their tables.

Our Club delivered the inevitable panettone, typically Italian at Christmas, and other basic staple food to the priest, who will distribute the groceries to the families. In this way, he can protect the dignity and privacy of those who, perhaps in some embarrassment, go quietly to the Church to ask for help.

On 16 December, we delivered the "solidarity groceries", which we had purchased with the personal contribution of our members. The parish priest was clearly touched and very grateful- He arranged for the food to be distributed that same evening.

The Christmas season has a different flavour and meaning, if you manage to lighten, even with a small gesture, the weight of poverty. This is the real meaning of Christmas.

Angela Azara – Club Secretary