A joyful social work - even on a rainy day

Posted by | Dec 08, 2020 |

Social commitment is an obligation and a special concern for our Inner Wheel Club Fürstenland-Toggenburg. However, before we can donate money to various social projects at home and abroad, hard graft is required.

Since 2008, always on the Saturday before prayer day in mid September, a dedicated Inner Wheel team has been running a book market in the shopping Mall in Wil. Throughout the year we collect used books, sort and store them in boxes in the deep cellar of our secretary Brigitta Roth. Climbing stairs should be healthy for the heart, less for the back! Our books have already found asylum with our 2nd President Elsbeth Lüber and later for several years with Karin and Rotary Governor Arthur Ruf. It is always funny to read out books together and to load the “book bus” with sweat on the day before the sale.

Over the years, we have experienced a few surprises: once the car wouldn't start anymore - where is the battery and how do you bypass it again? Most of the time we overloaded the Larag's Büssli, (little business bus) sometimes we caught a speeding bus because there would have been a mess of books when braking. We laughed a lot about any kind of books and also quite indecent literature. All the things that are not printed, that have certainly been read once and now have to be disposed of before entering the old people's home. The Rotarian husbands and Brigitta's children support us actively in our preparations.

Three birds with one stone!

  1. The donors are happy about tidy bookshelves;
  2. The buyers come to inexpensive reading material and;
  3. We can use the proceeds to support various social projects.

"Vo nütz chont nütz" is the Appenzeller Swiss dialect for "nothing comes from nothing" and so we are really proud of the amount of well over CHF 30,000 (25'000 £) that we have raised since 2008. The proceeds go to the social project of the current club president.

Marianne Bruhin, the world's best baker, together with the supporting Inner Wheel team, complements the range of books with fantastic "Chrömli" (little cookies), Susi Keller's delicious jams from Piedmont are also an enrichment and for the second time we were able to upgrade our range of products with well-preserved leather bags and silk scarves.

As a small tribute to the hard-working team, we each make an excursion to my home on the mountain "Hoher Kasten", where we spend a few cosy hours together, enjoying the fantastic panoramic view, hiking down to Brülisau or the very brave ones roar with the scooter from their resting place into the valley. The "Wedegeente" (muscle soreness) the next day sends its greetings!

After 10 years of the book market in Wil I was able to hand over the organisation to Annemarie Schwizer and a team of younger Inner Wheelers.

"They are doing a good job and full of enthusiasm, hopefully they will continue to sell books for a good cause!

Authors: Lucia Fässler & Catherine Ineichen

This story shows us how Clubs foster friendship during several years. It shows us too, how with hands-on project enrich club life and let friendship grow.

It needs members who motivate the others and it needs everybody who participates and makes a project work. Only together can we create such events that will go down in the club's history as a tradition.