Covid Changeover and news from Victoria

Posted by | Dec 06, 2020 |

Victoria, Australia has been in lockdown since July 2020. It is only now, November 2020 that some restrictions have eased. It has had a major effect on our ability to hold IW meetings and other activities within our Club.

However, looking on the bright side – we have 59 members and we held an extremely successful Opera night with over 120 guests a the home of one of our members in February, fortunately just before Covid 19. All proceeds went to our ‘Bwindi’ Uganda project.

Bwindi Ride for a Woman project is the brainchild of two of our Club members, Jill Billston and Trish Salau. They have spearheaded this project for the past seven years and it was adopted by our District A61 as the International Project for two years. Bwindi is a UNESCO world heritage site that is home to almost half the world’s mountain gorillas. Bwindi is a community project empowering the women of Bwindi socially and economically by teaching income generating skills. A Tourist shop is being established through funds from IW and will be opened for business to enable the locals at this once poverty stricken hub to become independent. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the whole of Uganda, which has been in lockdown for the past 8 months. Without tourists to Uganda their income has been reduced to practically zero.

Due to Covid restrictions, our Changeover was conducted in our PP’s home where PP Brenda passed over the chain of office to our new President, Valmai.

We are planning to hold a Christmas Meeting/Party in December which will be the first event for our Club since March 2020

We have recently purchased 50 cookery books from another Victoria IW Club to raise funds for Cord Blood. Baby hats have been knitted and small aprons sewn for a regional hospital’s need. So although we have been in isolation, our Club has continued its commitment in helping others

Ann Bury