Old Books in New Hands In Croatia

Posted by | Nov 23, 2020 |

During its 22 years of existence and activity, the Inner Wheel Club Čakovec, (Croatia, District 191) has established several traditional activities which we are happy to host each year. One of them takes place in October, the month of the book, called “Old Books in New Hands”.

First, we collect books from various sources, primarily members and their friends, so these are mostly the books from their home libraries which they have read and don't need any more and are willing to share with the others. In cooperation with the local kindergarten, the books are exhibited at a stand in the city centre during the autumn city event and offered to citizens who are in return invited to donate their voluntary financial contributions.

Various genres can be found there, from picture books and toys for children, to fiction, non-fiction and professional literature. At the end of the campaign, the remaining books are offered for choice to kindergartens, school libraries and retirement homes - depending on the type of literature.

The collected donated funds, usually with the addition of a certain sum from the club finances, are intended for the kindergarten, for the purchase of the necessary didactic aids and materials, and the action ends with the delivery of the donation to the kindergarten, in a small ceremony enriched with songs and joy of the youngest readers.

Snjezana Petrovic Tkalcec