Corona thwarts visit from Egypt

Posted by | Nov 15, 2020 |

Amel Shabaan from IW Alexandria East Egypt visited her family in Belgium in October 2020 and asked via the German Internet Commissioner Maike Middelmann whether she could visit a club in our district. As ISO representative for District 81, I contacted her and the clubs Köln-Römerturm and Köln-Agrippina.

At the IW Köln-Agrippina we were already registered for a special October meeting at the Galerie Boisserée. But then the number of people infected with Corona skyrocketed and the German government announced more stringent measures. With a heavy heart, we had to decide, in agreement with Amel Shabaan, to postpone her visit until next year - in the hope that the corona pandemic would then be largely over.

I would like to thank both clubs for their quick and warm feedback. It would have been a wonderful setting for the international meeting.

Marie-Louise Sefzig-Klein