Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Posted by | Nov 04, 2020 |

Dr Salma Aslam Kundi as DC Distt 342 on 16 October 2020, held a big event for the first lady in Swat as her Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. It is the first lady of Pakistan Mrs. Samina Alvis pet project. There is IW DISTT 342 banner on a stand on the side.

Inner Wheel was mentioned and thanked the first lady from IW platform for her initiative and thoughtful Awareness Programme about breast Cancer. We women from Pakistan find it a worthy initiative. It will have good results in timely diagnosis of breast cancer.

It was at Serena Hotel Swat, KPK. Many women from different walks of life attended the function and went home educated about breast examination and screening. It was need of the hour in one of the backward areas of the province. Many doctors gave their talks and answered questions.

Dr. Salma Aslam Kundi, District Chairman