Team Building And Something Else

Posted by | Oct 26, 2020 |

Inner Wheel club Varna Europea held a team building among the beauty of the Gabrovo’s Balkan оn October 3, 2020. The warm autumn, the coziness of the hotel, the wonderful views embraced us and made this experience of sharing and fun unforgettable. Communicating with nature, hiking on eco-trails, the geographical center of Bulgaria - everything made us happy to be together.

What is Inner Wheel without charity? Even hundreds of kilometers from home, our club has found a way to combine pleasure with useful deeds.

The Children's Specialized Hospital for Respiratory Care "Queen Ioanna" in the town of Tryavna is a place for rehabilitation and recovery of children with lung problems. Many hard-working and dedicated professionals work there.

Founded personally by Queen Ioanna of Bulgaria in distant 1938, even today the hospital has preserved the spirit and scale in which it was designed - the best, most modern, most wonderful place for children. Unfortunately, at the moment the funds for its maintenance are insufficient and its normal activity is carried out only through donations. The hospital needs everything for its little residents. IWC Varna Europea decided to make them happy. We have prepared a large box of surprises - puzzles, board games, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, modelling clay, balls, chalks, educational books and more. The children's joy was great, and the ball immediately came into action and we heard children’s laugh.

This donation campaign made the weekend unforgettable - a service for the benefit of those in need, sharing with friends from the club and the beauty of our lovely Bulgaria. A real Inner Wheel experience!

Stela Zhelyazkova