Branding Of Inner Wheel in India

Posted by | Oct 16, 2020 |

Inner Wheel Club of Sirsa Main, Sirsa Midtown, Sirsa Shine (Haryana), D309

A Joint Rally for the awareness of Covid-19 and Branding Inner wheel, with the permission of Administration and following the norms of social distancing.

Posters and banners of Awareness of Corona virus, Logo of Inner wheel with theme were put on 18 Cars.

Complete Inner wheel branding with Inner wheel caps, masks, recordings of Inner wheel song and “What is Inner wheel?” was played throughout the way of whole city.

It was a successful Rally with 2 purposes, for Branding Inner wheel and for the awareness of COVID.

It was covered by the local media groups.

Inner Wheel Club of Balaghat Tigress, District 326

A huge hoarding citing awareness towards Cleanliness, protection against COVID-19 was put up by the members at the main area of Balaghat city.

“My City, the cleanest. We love to live in clean, green and safe cities” was displayed on the hoarding.

The members also honoured the Lady Sweepers with gifts & masks and thanked them for keeping the city clean & working even during the pandemic.

Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Park Point, District 329

Distributed Tee Shirt with Logo and towels, food items, soaps and masks, in bags with INNER WHEEL logos, to rickshaw pullers.

Inner wheel Club of Jaunpur, District 312

The Club installed a Feeding area with doors for lactating mothers at the busy Railway station of Jaunpur state.

This is indeed a blessing & relief to the mothers & will provide them with some privacy.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat