Charter Installation – IW Club of Scicli

Posted by | Sep 15, 2020 |

Friday, August the 28th, 2020, at the Acqua Marina Restaurant, located on the cliff that delimits the Donnalucata west beach, charming seaside village of the Sciclitana coast, took place the evocative and exciting Charter Ceremony, which sanctioned the establishment of the new Inner Wheel Club of Scicli.

A musical welcome was offered by Agimus, with songs sung by the teacher Elvira Mazza’s pupil, Sofia Minauda, an opera up-and-comer, accompanied at the piano by the maestro Luca Abbate.

The ceremony was attended by the NGB President Angela Farina, the National Representative Cinzia Tomatis Fermani, the 211 District Chairman Luisa Gangeri Nostro, the Extension Chairman Antonina Garofalo Buttitta, the Immediate Past District Chairman Cristina La Grassa Fiorentino. There were also the presidents of the Inner Wheel Club of Monti Iblei, Giovanna Ciarcià Cassarino and the Club of Vittoria Comiso, Patrizia Scrofani Cancellieri Drago, the President Alessandro Guarino and Past President Armando Fiorilla of the Rotary Club godfather of Scicli, numerous guests and the members of the newly formed club.

The DC Luisa has opened the Ceremony by the usual bell touch.

The greeting address of our National President Angela Farina who highlighted the importance of union and cohesion between the members that gives impetus and maturity to the action of "Serve " which is the basis of our Association. She also stressed that, as never before, it is a priority to educate public opinion in mutual support and sharing, subverting those greedy and selfish ways of thinking and acting that have made our society individualistic and indifferent.

The District Chairman, in her speech, placed the sign on generosity in serving, free from useless protagonists and recalled the IW aims, the most important international women’s association in the world.

To the descriptive interventions of the Club birth by the Extension Chairman and the Immediate Past DC followed the exciting moment of the collar laying to the Scicli Club President, Marisa Basile Di Natale, who opened her speech thanking Anita Monaco Portelli for wanting the birth of a new Inner Wheel Club in Scicli her hometown and recalled the service and cultural initiatives already brought into by the club born just in March and in full lock-down.

To the National Representative Cinzia Tomatis the task to bring greetings and good wishes of the International President, and to deliver the Charter for ritual signatures to the National President, the District Chairman and the Club President.

Called by the Secretary, Maria Grazia Veca Gambilonghi, the 20 members of the new club were invited to the Presidency table to receive from the Inner Wheel authorities the association badge and sign the Charter as founding members.

The Rotary Club President, godfather of Scicli, expressed his appreciation for the birth of the new club Inner Wheel and his willingness to share service initiatives.

Many greetings have been received, including the City Mayor’s one.

In an atmosphere of joy and harmony the evening ended with a festive convivial.

The next morning, the Inner Wheel authorities and their consorts, led by President Marisa Basile Di Natale and Anita Monaco Portelli, visited the beautiful city of Scicli, appreciating the urban layout of the historic centre, the countless works of art and monuments that have allowed the inclusion of the city, in one of the Val di Noto, in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Anita Monaco Portelli – Club Editor