Amazing Race – Season 2 – {Project 1-5)

Posted by | Sep 11, 2020 |

Our Club President, Caylize together with some members of the club did another Amazing Race Season 2 (10 projects) on 9th August, 11th August, 16th and 17th August 2020 respectively.

Many food items including a variety of Berlys chocolate boxes, braised beans, pickled vegetables, BKC nutritional drinks, red beans and kaya buns from Sydney Cake House, Lady’s Choice Coleslaw dressing, Lady’s Choice orange marmalade, and Lady’s Choice Caesar salad dressing were distributed. In addition, many teddy bears and boxes of face mask were also delivered.

5 homes were selected for the distribution of the above items on 9th August 2020:

Community Excel Services/Breakthrough Drug Rehabilitation Centre with 60 residents.

Maha Klang Orphanage Centre with 60 children.

Maha Welfare Home with 20 children and caretakers.

Rita Children Welfare Home 98 children and caretakers.

Klang Ekliptik Children’s Welfare Home 73 children.

The President accompanied by 4 members and 2 guests of the club visited the above premises.

Mrs Ivy Ho