Help To Society during Covid-19 in India

Posted by | Sep 03, 2020 |

Inner Wheel Club Of Madras Midtown-District 323

Roshni Home is an orphanage which has about 30 children. Since Lockdown they were short of groceries & other utility items. The members donated groceries, clothes & other utility items.

IWC Bagalkot-District 317

The members donated about 50 food kits to lepers and transgenders containing groceries and protein supplements during the lockdown period as they were facing lot of problems.

Inner Wheel Club Of Hydrebad Central-District 315

The members donated a Computer to a needy student to help him continue his education online during the lockdown.

Inner Wheel Club Of Goraya-District 307

The members installed Standee Sanitisers in public places.

Inner Wheel Club Of Ghaziabad-District 301

The members arranged for Free Antigen Testing Camp for COVID TESTING for about 300 people in an economically backward locality.

Inner Wheel Club Of Theog-District 308

The members gave face mask to the villagers with Inner Wheel Logo which helped in branding & donated groceries & food items for 1 month.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat - National Editor