Anne Sexton wins Margarette Golding Award

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Aug 17, 2020 |

Anne Sexton is a very dedicated and committed fund raiser in the village of Fawley in Hampshire, where she lives. She has worked tirelessly for the benefit of others giving of her time and energy. Anne has been a member Of Hythe and District Inner Wheel for 48 years, joining the club a few months after its’s charter.

Every year Anne holds 5 or 6 sales in her garage. All year round she is continually making preserves to sell – a variety of marmalades, jams, and chutneys using seasonal produce.

On the days leading up to the sale Anne will be busy in her kitchen making a variety of cakes, scones and savoury products to sell. Anne also makes up baskets, using the preserves especially for Christmas and Easter, many are pre-ordered by the locals as they are known to be such good quality and look so attractive to be given as gifts, she usually makes approximately a hundred baskets each time. A raffle is also organised for the day to help boost the funds.

Over the last sixteen years Anne has raised in excess of £100,000.00 for the local hospice and is currently supporting the Air Ambulance after one of the villagers had a very life threatening accident.

Her last but one sale on an extremely wet and stormy day in November was still very well supported and £1,556.00 was raised during the morning, so far this year Anne has raised £5,500.00 and then her Christmas sale raised a further £2,300.00 bringing her total to £7,800. Anne does hide her light under a bushel and we feel she is a very worthy recipient for this award.

Anne has also had great fundraising ideas for our Inner Wheel club and supports our events with enthusiasm and generously donates many of her homemade produce for sale. Anne is an inspiration in our club.