Amazing Race 10 projects from KL, Malaysia

Posted by | Aug 04, 2020 |

On 25 July & 26 July respectively, the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur joined forces with Mr Alvin, a professional architect, to distribute food to the poor. Mr Alvin, who set-up the “What a Waste” organisation has been distributing surplus food collected from hotels to the needy at low cost flats and other urban poor areas and he also receives many sponsorships from big food produce companies to distribute food items to the needy on a regular basis.

For these Amazing Race 10 projects, our President, Caylize Sabado collaborated with Mr Alvin to organised for the donations of 3,000 Massimo buns, 20 cartons (3 litre each) Lady Choice Coleslaw dressing, 5 cartons (2.5 litre each) Lady Choice Caesar dressing, and 10 cartons (2kg each) Lady Choice Orange Marmalade.

In addition, we also had Mr Beh who sponsored 30 boxes of BKC Almonds powder drinks, Mdm Lyna Boon who donated 16 boxes of certified good quality face mask and our President, Caylize Sabado who donated 15 teddy bears to the selected homes. The projects were carried out over a period of 2 days and distributed to 10 homes around the Klang Valley.

The homes selected for the distribution of the above items as follows:

  1. Malaysian Social Research Institute with 45 refugee families (420 children and adults)
  2. AIM Healthcare Senior Home with 45 inmates
  3. Yayasan Sunbeams Home with 132 children
  4. Pure Life Society Home with 70 children
  5. Amitabha Old Folks home with 30 inmates
  6. Eu Yuan Old Folks Home with 34 inmates
  7. Rumah Hope with 40 children
  8. Trinity Community Children Home with 30 children
  9. IQ70plus with 70 children
  10. Light House Children Home with 50 children

Though we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, these 10 projects were carried out successfully by our President, Caylize Sabado, 9 Inner Wheel members, Mr Alvin from “What a Waste” organisation and 2 other guests. Proper SOP were observed at the events. We are all happy to have a chance to touch the lives of the children and old folks.

Mrs Ivy Ho