IW Bijeljina raises money from Višnjevača

Posted by | Jul 02, 2020 |

In a pleasant atmosphere, with good company and fun, members of the ND Inner Wheel Club from Bijeljina gathered again this year to prepare their recognisable cherry liqueur - in Bosnia & Herzegovina known as "Višnjevača".

This is not the first time that members of the club from Bijeljina gather on this occasion, so the spring of 2020 is the third season since the cherries from Semberija were used for one of the most delicious drinks.

That the proven recipe is the key to taste and finding liqueur lovers, as well as skills of IW members in preparing the same, showed the positive reviews from the "Vienna Bazaar", where in addition to homemade apricot jam and small cakes, all visitors were presented this lady's drink produced in Bijeljina.

Fun and socializing are not the only reason for the preparation, because all funds from the sale of "Višnjevača" are intended for humanitarian purposes.

Sandra Neretljakovic

IIW Board Director 2019/2020