Supporting Healthcare in Tripoli, Lebanon

Posted by | Jun 28, 2020 |

Inner Wheel – El Mina Tripoli, Lebanon provided a health project in 2020 to respond to Covid-19. Our president for this year is Marthe Rifai with 12 colleagues. This year we shared a plan to provide health care services in the government hospital in Tripoli Lebanon who take care of the patients who are affected by Covid-19.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Lebanon we contributed to promote health activity and education training in hospital for government in North of Lebanon.

Hospital Kobbeh have 40 beds for Covid-19 and 3 ventilators. Our objectives is to support financial aid the hospital to assume medical support for Covid-19.

Lebanon has also witnessed an increase in the number of clusters of cases up to 18th June 2020. There are reported active Covid-19 cases among people 1495 case confirmed; all 944 previously confirmed patients are fully recovered, however, the number of death is 32.

We assume our responsibility to be aware and more responsible about our environment and our country.

Coordinator - Correspondence

Carole Khlat Dibeh