Activities during Corona Virus Pandemic

Posted by | Jun 15, 2020 |

In the past three months, we have witnessed a Corona virus pandemic that has affected the entire world and changed the way of everyday life. Despite measures of social distancing, quarantine and isolation, Inner Wheel Club Banja Luka cared for those in need and in that period organised three humanitarian actions.

Inner Wheel club Banja Luka club has not forgotten the seven-member Vujasin family, which they helped on multiple occasions. During the isolation, they were left without basic means of subsistence and groceries, so Inner Wheel club Banja Luka responded to their call and donated basic groceries, together with the amount of money they collected. In respect for the recommended measures of social distance, the action of food donation was realised with the help of the Tropic internet shopping service.

Dragana and Zoran and their five children live as tenants and are in a difficult financial situation. The father is without a job, the mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour and has had two surgeries so far. Only for medicines it is necessary to set aside 100 KM per month, and any help is welcome.

In April, Inner Wheel Club Banja Luka donated 200 protective masks to fellow citizens, some of it was handed over to the Parents' house "Iskra", where children with malignant diseases and parents are living, which provides them with active, ongoing and comprehensive assistance and support. The rest of the masks was distributed to citizens who went shopping for groceries and did not have adequate protection.

The already mentioned circumstances caused by the Corona virus pandemic prevented the Inner Wheel Club from celebrating its tenth Anniversary on May 9, so it is cancelled until the repeal of the gathering measure, which is still in force.

The regular and last meeting before the summer break was held on June 3, after the isolation measure was abolished. On that occasion, a new leadership was elected for the next year, which will take office in September 2020.

Vladana Djurovic Stojanovic, Club President