Unmask The Methods Of The "Loverboys”

Posted by | Jun 11, 2020 |

Young, mostly underage girls meet attractive men via the Internet. Everything is harmless at first, the girl falls in love. The boy is polite, attentive, gives small and later larger gifts and compliments. He talks about the "great love". He avoids contact with the girl's parents, but motivates her to go to school and avoid stress with the parental home. Once trust has been established, the supposed boyfriend suddenly talks about money worries. He asks his mostly inexperienced girlfriend for sexual favours towards friends. These are filmed in order to make the girl susceptible to blackmail – the path to prostitution begins. Out of shame, the girl distances herself from her former social environment and her parents, so the way back becomes very difficult or even impossible.

Through education and prevention young girls – but also their environment – can be sensitised to the "scam" of the so-called loverboys. For this reason, the working group "Loverboy Method" was founded in 2010 in the district of Mettmann/Germany. Since 2019, the IWC Hilden-Haan-Neandertal supports financially the working group's idea of informing female pupils about the Loverboy Method with an interactive play. In addition, this year a specialist day for pedagogical staff was to take place in order to show possibilities for counselling.

Unfortunately, the planned event had to be cancelled for the moment due to the corona pandemic.

Andrea Neumann – D81