“Donate through reading” across Bulgaria

Posted by | Jun 10, 2020 |

Thanks to the reading children one more charity cause is live: Be part of the big family- the school for guide-dogs. This is the tenth cause fulfilled by the project “Donate through reading” through the web site: www.chetidari.bg.

Two thousand leva were donated to the Foundation “Eyes on four paws” to feed dogs that are trained to guide blind people.

We give our gratitude to all reading children for their hard work and good hearts. They read books and donated credits to make the life of disabled people free and independent and the ladies from IW Club Shumen raised the necessary money.

Forty seven pupils donated credits for this cause - just 10 of them from Shumen and the others from many different towns as Varna, Belene, Zlatitsa, Sliven, Chelopech, Russe, Stara Zagora, Sofia, Dolna Oryahovitsa, Burgas, Pirdop, Beloslav, Svishtov, Targovishte, Haskovo.

This is the tenth realised cause since 2016 when the project started. There are 5 more active causes on the site www.chetidari.bg that are going to come true very soon: “To understand faster, to go further, to know more” – a monitor for an interactive class room in “Vassil Levski””School in Stara Zagora; „Give me childhood with mobile devices to outdoor learning”- mobile devices for outdoor learning for children with special educational needs in Burgas; “Reading is fun- let’s read and play”- a special corner for reading in “Maxim Gorki” school in Stara Zagora; “Read a book and help the school library” in “Mityo Stanev” school in Stara Zagora; “Read a book- know the world” a multimedia projector for the new aula in “Zheleznik” school in Stara Zagora.

All good deeds are in the hands of reading children - the next fulfilled cause depends on them.

More information about the project could be found at: www.chetidari.bg

Zdravka Yordanova