Aprons Project - Hands and Hearts of Love

Posted by | Jun 08, 2020 |

Ladies of the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore found a new way of serving the community ...this time an array of beautifully Crafted Aprons, created with.....

Hands & Hearts of Love in a cause aptly called Project Apron.

The Club’s objective was to appreciate the dedication of the volunteers at the Sikh temples (Gudwara) who work tirelessly preparing, cooking and packing food for distribution during this COVID-19 Circuit-Breaker period.

Pieces of cloth, pre-loved bed linen, table cloths and ribbons were given a new lease of life. Many of us have not sewn for a very long time, some novices took the challenge and some supported the cause by purchasing on-line.

Each apron created shared a little something about the person that made them, displaying uniqueness and meaningfulness.

There were so much enthusiasm and within 14 days, more than 105 aprons were stitched and 100 pieces were purchased online and donated to 7 Sikh temples.

The satisfaction of creativity & the desire to serve one’s community in every way possible has once again prevailed.

Kudos to all of our Inner Wheel Members who made this possible.

Wendy Bajaj