The charity metal heart in Lovech.

Posted by | May 25, 2020 |

The “metal heart” in Lovech collected plastic caps for recycling worth 350 leva. The sum was donated to the town hospital, announced the President of IWClub Lovech D-r Rositsa Milcheva.

This noble initiative of IW Club Lovech was put into life with the support of the Municipality and the Mayor of the town Kornelia Marinova. This gesture is much more appreciated because it happened in the pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Now the big metal basket in the shape of a heart is ready again to collect plastic caps.

The initiative to collect used plastic caps fascinates not only young people but also individuals of all ages.

The sum of 350 leva, received from handing over the plastic waste, was donated to the chief of the Neonatology ward of “Proff.d-r P.Stoyanov” hospital, d-r Petya Stancheva. The money will go for buying protective equipment and disinfectants and consumables for the babies.

“Thanks to everybody who supported the project. We will go on to do good”- said from IW Club Lovech.

Rositsa Milcheva