IW Women Helping Women in USA

Posted by | May 19, 2020 |

For many years, the Inner Wheel Club of San Leandro has been involved with the Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR). Our involvement is to contribute what are referred to as “rape kits”. The kits are provided to women who have been raped and then brought to the hospital for treatment. Most of the time, the patient’s clothing is kept for evidence by the police and the victim is left to leave in a hospital gown.

The “rape kits” contain a pair of sweats (top and bottom), a t-shirt, underwear, toiletry items, and a snack. Journals and pens will soon be provided as well. This is our club’s biggest project and involves several of our members at different assembling meetings, i.e. one to match up the sweats (tops and bottoms and t-shirts), labelling and marking the bags according to size, and placing toiletry items in separate baggies.

The final assembling is to place all items in the larger bag. Organizing by size is crucial. Once the kits are complete, they are delivered by members and one or two Rotarians to the BAWAR facility. The total number of kits has been 360 each year. Fortunately, the request from BAWAR for the upcoming year has decreased to 260.

This is such a worthwhile project and one where there are many participants. Over the last several years, the IW Club of San Leandro has donated more than 3000 kits to rape victims.

Becky Donhost, National Editor