​IW Club Harare West Prison Babies Report

Posted by | May 09, 2020 |

Inner Wheel Club Harare West Prison Babies Report

Inner Wheel Club Harare West has been supporting the Prison Babies since the early 90s. The children who are in prison with their mothers are victims of circumstances. A mother is arrested and convicted with a breast feeding child or below 5 years old and no one is prepared to look after the child, she/he will stay with the mother in prison. Another scenario is a woman arrested while expecting a child, sentenced to prison, gives birth in prison the child will have to stay with the mother until the mother finishes her prison term. We call these children Prison Babies, there is no special provision for these children in prison they rely on well-wishers and Inner Wheel is one of them.

Our club plays a very important role in supplying some of the needs of the Prison Babies. The club is thankful and really appreciate those within and without who have assisted with various donations to make it possible for the club to continue supporting those in need in our community for such a long time.

We have other charities that we support as a club, in our club my task is make sure that the needs of the children who are in prison with their mothers are met. A lot is expected when working with women with children and pregnant women in prison. They have many needs, in most cases we are not able to give them all that they want. But nevertheless with the support of dedicated members in our club we have made an impact in the prison community especially the female prison.

At our monthly meetings each member brings peanut butter and a bar of washing soap, these are then distributed to mothers during our visit. As mentioned above we also cater for pregnant women who are in prison by providing layettes as preparation.

Mentioned below are some of the items we donate and distribute to the mothers and prisons:-

  • Layettes for pregnant women
  • Summer and winter clothes for children from birth to 5 years
  • i.e. Nappies, pampers, rompers, vests, booties, jerseys, etc.,
  • We also supply soap, sanitary wear, Vaseline, sugar, peanut butter, baby food, blankets, washing buckets, under wear for ladies,
  • Disinfectant for cleaning the toilets
  • Prescription drugs, we get them at costs from one of our members who owns a Pharmacy

At the end of the year we partner together with my church to make Christmas enjoyable for all the ladies in prison and the children. Inner Wheel donates some money to buy goodies for children at same time others will be preparing a special meal for all of them.

There are many challenges but we thank the club members and those who support our Club in making sure that we serve the less privileged.

Kathi Jordan

President - Inner Wheel club of Harare West