Sponsored Meals for Children in Singapore

Posted by | Apr 22, 2020 |

In spite of the difficulties presented by the Global Pandemic we are facing, the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore was determined to fulfil their promise to sponsor meals at Ahuva Good Shepherd’s which is run by the Sisters of the Good. This food programme was organised for 42 children comprising 3 groups :

(a) The IPAC children on temporary placement

(b) the Small Group Centre and

(c) the Children’s Home.

The total donation received came to $1,200 which was used to pay for the meals which were held on 4 occasions - 16th, 22nd, 23rd and 29th March 2020

There were many challenges faced by the Centre during this pandemic due to the restrictions on movements and staff shortages. This would explain why the original dates for the meals had to be changed and as a result of these changes none of Inner Wheel members were able to be present. Despite this the children thoroughly enjoyed the food from MacDonald’s, KFC and local delights and a Pizza dinner.

All these children at the Centre have serious difficulties at home which make their stay and care at their own homes with their parents very difficult. Due to the family problems encountered such as child abuse, trauma, homelessness and domestic violence, the children had to be placed in an interim shelter. We take great joy and satisfaction that we have been able to bring additional joy into their lives by providing them a special meal for the children. We realised that although the children are being provided basic and balanced meals at the Centre, they would always look forward to such food treats.

We are happy to note that they have written Thank You Cards to show their appreciation.

Wendy Louis