Food Aid To Myanmar Chin Community - IW KL

Posted by | Apr 16, 2020 |

he Myanmar Chin Community in Malaysia are refugees presently living in Malaysia. The United Nations since repatriation here they had been providing assistance to them until two years ago when they ceased their aid programme. Since then they had been on their on their own fending for themselves and their families here. Their children were sent to an educational centre as they were not eligible for Government school.

In 2019 the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur started an assistance project for their educational centre. The Club provided new flooring and ceiling fans as well donated cash to the teachers, students and parents.

But due to the recent Covid 19 epidemic many of these refugees have been laid off work due to the Government’s implementation of Movement Control Order. As a result the unemployed parents have not been able to send their children to the centre as they are unable to pay the school fees and the teachers salaries.

We were informed by the principle of the Centre that the children have not attended school and also their desperate situation of the children who have not even had proper meals. The community has requested urgent help.

The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur then quickly launched an urgent appeal to its members for aid. We managed to raise RM8000 within a day and quickly arranged some emergency food and fresh milk supplies to be sent to them. We also managed to transfer the money raised to them the next day. Upon receipt of the money from the bank they were able to buy rice, cooking oil, vegetables and other food stuff for the 20 families. We dispense the cash on a weekly basis and continue to monitor the situation.

Sue Pon - President