Hands-on-actions from the Swiss Clubs

Posted by | Feb 26, 2020 |

uring the first six months of the current IW year our Clubs have been busy and I would like to send you some impressions regarding their hands-on-projects.

During the whole year the „Schweizer Tafel“ (Swiss food bank) serves poor people a meal every year. Once a year, in November several different groups serve soup in many places in Switzerland to collect money and to make people aware of the poorness in their own country. Last November all around Switzerland over 4500 litre of soup were being served which resulted in a donation of CHF 160’000.

The members of the IW Club Aarau have been participating in this event for many years. It is for us a very good thing, helping poor people and also meeting a lot of passer-by and talk to them. A little story: A man asked for a cup of soup, then he said, ‘That he belongs to those people who are glad that this is being done and that he is really grateful.’ he took the soup and went away.

The same day our IW Club Olten-Niederamt served soup. The members even baked cookies and cakes to sell them as well. Only on that place they got CHF 6’200. - for the “Schweizer Tafel” (Swiss food bank).

Another project is being pursued by the Club Urschweiz. This Club is located in the central part of Switzerland. The members have been organising a lotto for multiple handicapped and disabled persons for many year. First the Club looks for little giveaways and gifts and each of the participants gets one at the end of the day. There are always many smiling in the room faces and everybody is very happy to have spent a wonderful day together.

The Club Basel-Wettstein’s most important social project is to help on a flea market. It is the biggest market in the region of Basel. They donate clothes for the sale and the collected money goes in a home where handicapped people live. It is an assisted living home – a living arrangement in which people with special needs, with disabilities, reside in a facility that provides help on everyday tasks. 15 members from the Club have been on stage during more than 80 hours to sale the goods!

Thank you all for the commitment during those hands-on actions!

Catherine Ineichen-Flueler – NR 2019-2020 D199