Wintertime in the Swiss Mountains

Posted by | Feb 15, 2020 |

In Inner Wheel week in the Swiss mountains was held for the 23rd time and is always organised by an active Inner Wheel Member. It was initially started by Lilo Stolz and Marie-Louise Kern with a group size of 6 couples. Nowadays we are a group of more than 70 participants.

Spending a week together skiing, hiking, laughing, discussing and just enjoying this magical winter wonderland in the mountains. There are always also some activities planned for the ones who don’t ski anymore, so we had a lesson by a local artist in painting or we went by bus to a renovated hotel and heard a lot from an Inner Wheel Member about the little village.

We have been so lucky that the weather conditions during the whole week have just been stunning, for all our activities outside in the nature.

In the evenings we all met for dinner and had plenty to talk about and what we experienced during the day. On one evening a Cheese Fondue was on the menu and we always had a lot of laughter together.

This annual meeting is something special as it is during five days and members from all over Switzerland are joining it. This means that we have members from the German speaking and the French speaking part. Next year it will be my 10th week and I am organising this annual meeting. For me it still is one of the most heartfelt time to spend a couple of days with a lot of IW-friends and getting to know them better. This rewarding experiences are definitely worth the effort during the year, organising the event.

Fortunately each year new members are joining the annual meeting – I am looking forward to meeting them next year.

Catherine Ineichen – National Representative