Development's Effects on mankind & nature

Posted by | Feb 15, 2020 |

Professor Emerita Margareta Ihse held a presentation on environmental change in Sweden from the time we were children and up to now (60-70 years perspective) and the large scale agriculture and forestry's affects on fauna and diversity in respect of insects, wild flowers and animal habitats.

To document the changes, satellite mapping has been used as well as studies on the ground. She is also engaged in WWF.

Margareta has been awarded several medals for her work, one of which from our King.

70% of Sweden is now covered by forests and 80% of the population live in towns. She asked for better planning and control for the benefit of the environment and our well being.

37 IW-members attended and the presentation was very well received and made us all reflect about the developments that we are all facing.

Inger Dalborg