Palliative Care help from Kottayam North

Posted by | Feb 14, 2020 |

Inner Wheel is where dedicated women share their friendship, passion for community service and take action to create lasting change. That is exactly why we did not have to think twice when Rtn. Kurian P Mani suggested starting a palliative care unit.

Palliative care, as you all know, is caring for the disabled, end of life patients. The medical care can be provided by the doctors and nurses and other medical professionals, but what such patients need the most is emotional support and a little bit of financial help which is something we can provide.

We just need a bit of empathy in us to provide such support. So we have taken up palliative care as our signature project this year. We feel it is such a noble thing to do, a much needed service to the society. We first had an awareness session by the palliative care consortium officials. That was a very informative session where we got a better understanding of what palliative care is and how we can help.

Through the session, we got to know that it is a combined effort by many where the Asha workers visit houses in a particular area then identify the needy, the doctor provide the necessary medical check-ups, nurses help with the catheter change, wound dressing and such other activities. What these bedridden or end-of-life patients need the most is someone to talk to, someone to provide emotional support and that is where our role is.

As a start, we visited a few houses in our locality to meet them and understand their needs. We spend time with a few families and also provided financial help to one of them for buying medicines. We will be doing weekly visits and giving them any possible support they need.

Mrs. Annu Thomas - Kottayam North