International understanding from Denmark

Posted by | Jan 27, 2020 |

Session at the National Meeting in Denmark

Inner Wheel Denmark held its national meeting In October 2019 at the hotel Nyborg Strand. Meetings were held in the 5 districts on Saturday and the national meeting on Sunday with approx. 325 participants.

Inner Wheel Denmark is very interested in developing and renewing our organisation, therefore the National Board had organised a session with the theme "Fun and serious". We had made 12 stations with 6 different subjects. Participants were divided into 12 groups each with participation of all 5 districts. The groups had to visit all the different stations for a few minutes. The result was contact between members across the country, good information, a little song and a good mood. So it was really “Fun and serious”.

Topics included Inner Wheels 3 objects of friendship, helpfulness and international understanding. The groups were to write their suggestions and comments on the Post It pads and deliver on each station.

There were many good comments and ideas, and especially the object of “Foster international understanding” gave interesting answers.

The result was that we got a lot of good suggestions and comments. Many answers were about community, tolerance, understanding of other cultures, diversity. In addition there were comments on participation in international events such as Convention and European Rally. But not least, many suggestions came about establishing friendships with foreign clubs and districts.

The topic of cross-border friendship clubs was repeated many times, which is why Inner Wheel Denmark wants to encourage International Inner Wheel to promote the establishment of friendship clubs and districts as well. We believe it would be a good move if the International Inner Wheel will create a section on the website where you can report if you want to be friends with other clubs and districts. And thus, new exciting friendships can arise across the world.

Kirsten Møller