Inner Wheel focuses on Women and Children

Posted by | Jan 24, 2020 |

Inner Wheel Denmark has an annual fundraiser event that this year brought in DKK 376,000 where the beneficiary was Lukas House Children’s Hospice. In addition, in October 2019, DKK 110,000 was given to Mødrehjælpen (maternal help) in Denmark from the sale of bags made by women in Madagascar.

The members of Sæby Inner Wheel are passionate about the club’s work, and have also decided to donate money for good local causes.

Every year various projects are carried out internally at the club with the aim of generating profits that can be donated to local causes for activities for women, children and the elderly.

The profit from the project committee in 2018/2019 was approx. DKK 11,000 to be donated to

  1. Sæby Senior Centre for purchasing games, as they have preschool children visiting once a month and this is to great mutual joy for both the children and the elderly (see above)
  2. Mini stay in a holiday apartment for a single mother and her children – a break and a breath away from everyday life.
  3. The sunflowers, who are a small group of children at Sæby School. The teaching is based on the individual student’s goals and daily life and is built around solid structure calmness and predictability. The money for the sunflowers will be used for an overnight stay.
  4. The employment club whose goal is to bring together older, perhaps lonely citizens for shared enjoyment and togetherness. The club is open to everyone a few hours a week, a few songs are sung, a cup of coffee is enjoyed, there is talk, and different games are played, and all kinds of card games. The club has been around for 52 years and each time 40-45 elderly people meet from Sæby and surrounding area.

The 2019720 project committee has already started planning new activities including holding flea markets in the old grocery store in May 2020 – with a view to generating profits for new donations.

Kirsten Møller