Helping Rickshaw Pullers in Bangladesh

Posted by | Jan 23, 2020 |

Project Details

Rickshaw pullers are quite a familiar figure in Bangladesh. They lead a very hard life and earn little to provide for the two square meals a day for his family by working from dawn to dusk. They pull the rickshaw even in heavy rains and suffer much on a rainy day. They pass the whole day through misery. They get drenched and sometimes become ill, still they have no chose rather than pull rickshaw, otherwise he and his family may starve.

Inner Wheel Club of Dhaka Cosmopolitan felt their misery and decided to distribute raincoats, cloths and food among rickshaw pullers.

Our motives were - keep them dry on a rainy day, enabling them to keep working and therefore to keep earning, to put food on the table for their families. It also reduces their chance of becoming sick - if they are not working, they are not able to earn and provide for their families.

We have tried to respond to a rickshaw puller’s basic needs on a rainy day.

Farida Hashem - National Representative