IW “Donna Toscana” Award 2019-2020

Posted by | Jan 19, 2020 |

The “Inner Wheel Donna Toscana Award” was created by the Inner Wheel Club of Florence in 1996, with the aim of rewarding women that for their culture and working abilities had honoured Tuscany. This year 2019-2020, under the presidency of Marita Scarpa, Past District Chairman, the award was given to Dr Barbara Mazzolai, Biologist and Microsystem Engineer.

She was rewarded for her work as coordinator of Micro-Bio Robotic Centre in Pontedera (Tuscany): she realised a Plantoid Robot.

Dr Mazzolai’s researches result from the observation of movements of the animal and plant world. These robots have multiple purposes from microsurgery, to space exploration and environmental monitoring.

It is up to humans to use scientific discoveries for beneficial purposes.

Donatella Massi Club Correspondent