Bellapais IWC supports Caglayan Orphanage

Posted by | Jan 16, 2020 |

As Bellapais Inner Wheel Club, we have been supporting Caglayan Orphanage by organising monthly events all year long for the amusement of the orphan children and their needs:

      1. New Year Fancy Dress Party at Merit Lefkoşa Hotel;
      2. Providing Them New Year Gifts;
      3. Day out at Eziç Restaurant for the swimming pool and lunch;
      4. Day out at City Mall for the cinema and playground;
      5. Day out for lunch at Steak House;
      6. Day out at Merit Cristal Cove for the zoo and lunch;
      7. Refurnishing common room of their house and supporting air-condition for the bedrooms;
      8. Providing them clothes, shoes and school stationery.

Caglayan Orphan Children

Merit Lefkosa Hotel, Eziç Restaurant,City Mall, Steak House, Merit Christal Cove.

2018- 2019

To support the orphan children one year long for their amusement and for their needs.

Didem Kaner