“The Wish Tree” Project

Posted by | Jan 15, 2020 |

order to to lessen the burden of poverty and bring hope and joy to children in need living in a very poor village BIWC decided to organise the wish tree project. New Year wishes of 672 children, ages ranging between 4 and 11, from 5 different Primary Schools have been realised through Bellapais (Beylerbeyi Inner Wheel Club).

We asked 672 children what they wish for New Year and delivered their presents. Citizens and our club members took the wishes from the wooden wish trees that were placed to five different locations and realised the children’s wishes. A group of BIWC members actively took part in delivering gifts to children and witnessed the joy that filled the children's eyes when they saw a gift with their name on it.

It is more than just happiness at receiving something they wanted or needed; it is realisation that someone they don't know cared about them.

At one of the school’s, it was a young man called Hüseyin’s Birthday who is a disabled student at Atatürk Primary School and our club bought a battery powered wheelchair for him. It was a big surprise for Hüseyin. All his close family were there to see the presentation and how happy it made him.

476 students from 4 different primary schools in December 2019

196 students from 1 primary school in December 2018

  • Büyükkonuk Primary School – 26th December 2019
  • Kumyalı Primary School - 26th December 2019
  • Sht. Mustafa Kurtuluş Primary School - 27th December 2019
  • Atatürk Primary School - 30th December 2019
  • Dipkarpaz Primary School - 27th December 2018

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