The Treasurer's Travels

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 17, 2020 |

IWC Curepipe

The oldest club chartered in November 1984 (actually started in May 1985).They will be 35 years old in May 2020 and the original Charter President is still a member.

There are currently 25 members, but, it is hoped that this will soon increase as they have four prospective members.

The projects they are supporting, both financially and practically, are underprivileged children and families. What they have found is that mentoring is very important, especially to encourage young people, many of whom who have had a difficult start in life, to make something of themselves.

They are also holding a big Christmas Party for local children, which is being eagerly anticipated by all.

IWC Curepipe, Mauritius, celebrated International Inner Wheel Day with their spouses. They realise how strong their friendship has become over the years, through thick and thin.

IWC Quatre Bournes

Liz and her husband were invited to join them for a visit to a Tea Plantation, followed by lunch and a stop-off at a very important Hindu shrine the scene of huge pilgrimages in February.

The club chartered in January 1987, and now have 16 members plus two prospective, one of whom is a lovely young lawyer.

Also, Liz found them all to be very welcoming and fun and active with their projects which again are centred on underprivileged children. The President's special project is a school for autistic children.

Elizabeth Thomas – Treasurer 2019-2020