Food Bank Project in Malaysia

Posted by | Jan 09, 2020 |

In our modern society, there are many urban marginalised communities whose earnings are way below the minimum wage of any average countries.

In one such area in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, the Member of Parliament in collaboration with the Food Aid Foundation are providing basic stable food to 114 lower income families on a weekly basis until these families are able to be independent. With the help and coordination of the Food Bank volunteers, excess food is redistributed to close the loop to zero waste.

The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur decided to collaborate with the above personnel to:

  • Sponsor food to these families;
  • Organise cooking demonstration to enable the children to cook simple healthy meal on their own;
  • Organise a contest on creativity of Eco Brick that encouraged the families to work together on combating waste of plastics.

Our first sponsorship was held on 19th December 2019 and the next sponsorship will be in April 2020. We were very honoured that the Member of Parliament, YB Maria Chin Abdullah and State Representative YB Halimey Abu Bakar were there to launch the project. Our Inner Wheel National Representative Mrs Juanita Lee was there to give us support.

We also donated over 40 pots of organic herbs and plants that would encourage the mothers to grow plants organically in their small confined homes. They were given seeds, fertilizer and a regular sized pot to grow the baby spinach.

There was a colouring contest for the younger children and National Representative Mrs Juanita Lee sponsored the prizes for all the children.

Overall, it was truly an afternoon of very happy families and their children. Our members worked very hard and were very empowered to be able to do their bit for the society.

Looking forward to the next partnership in April 2020.


President Sue Pon