Benefit concert for the Ivan Štark Centre

Posted by | Jan 09, 2020 |

The Inner Wheel Club Osijek organized a benefit concert of the popular Croatian band Četiri tenora (the Four Tenors), honouring the Day of the City of Osijek, on 5th December 2019. The purpose of this concert was to support the Ivan Štark Centre for Education in Osijek, in their intention to equip some additional rooms in order to admit on a half-day basis some new users, who are intellectually challenged persons and over the age of 21. The Centre has recognized the need to provide a continuous care for its clients after they reach the age of 21 and this Centre has been the one of the first in Croatia, that has organized some workshops, offering work and production activities within the so-called half-day stay, providing also meals, health care, psychological rehabilitation, occupational therapy and an organized leisure time.

In front of around 1400 enthusiastic spectators, the excellent Tenors performed the famous Italian chansons, opera arias and some Croatian well-known songs, displaying their impeccable voice performances for the whole two hours. A special guest performer at this concert was a brilliant young soprano, Kristina Owais, who was born in Osijek, where she graduated from the Franjo Kuhač Music School, earned a Masters degree in singing at the Academy of Music in Zagreb and then enrolled at the Kunstuniversität in Graz. The members of the IWC Osijek intended to support Kristina at financing the last semester of her education in Graz by donating part of the concert revenue.


This wonderful undertaking had its epilogue on 23rd December 2019 at a Christmas pageant that was prepared by the students of the Ivan Štark Centre, who were supported by their diligent educators and teachers. The representatives of the IWC Osijek were invited as special guests. The excitement and happiness of these children and young people were quite catching and a great effort and a hard work resulted in a truly great Christmas pageant. This event represented an opportunity to hand in a symbolic cheque for HRK 50,000.00 (about 6,750.00 EUR) to the headmistress Edit Lemal,, e.g. the donation amount from the benefit concert of the Four Tenors. This project follows the District’s annual action aimed at equipping the rooms for the half-day stay of the persons who have reached the age of 21 and therefore their right to stay in the Centre has finished.


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