Adoption of Village: Kottavilai, India

Posted by | Dec 21, 2019 |

Adopted  the village of Kottavilai

Our club planned to adopt the village Kottavilai in Mylaudy Panchayath in our Chairman Mrs.Lekshmi Varthini’s official visit on 28.09.2019. At 3.30 pm we arrived the village with the Chairman. We met around more than 100 village people with their children. As per current position there is about 66 houses and a population of nearly 460 People. We assured the village people to help them in the development of their village. They requested our club to arrange them a burial ground to full fill the last rituals of the Villagers. We assure them to help as much our level best.

Adopted two orphaned Children

There we came to know about two little parentless children. Our club adopt the two children and for the first step to help for their studies our PP Mrs. Rajam Ganapathy deposited Rs.5000/-in the name of children. The meeting was ended after distribution of sweets to the villagers.

Ayurveda Medical Camp at Kottavillai

On 07.11.2019 our club conducted an Ayurveda medical camp with santhigiri Ayurveda Siddha health care centre, Kanyakumari in our club’s adopted village Kottavilai. Three Ayurveda doctors from shanthigiri Ashramam assisted this camp. The villagers very eagerly participated and took medicines & treatments. Nearly 124 village people benefited by this camp.

Entrepreneurship programme

 An Entrepreneurship programme on Soap powder making, Vessel cleaning powder making and phenol making in our adopted village Kottavilai. Mrs. Nirmala Sebastine was the resource person and she explained practically how to make all these things by their own with lesser cost. Also motivated them to start small business by using this training. All the village women very interestingly participated in the programme and the produced soap powder, vessel cleaning powder and lotion were distributed among the villagers. More than 40 women benefitted by this programme Four of our members participated in this programme Cost of the project Rs.2000/- , sponsored by the club.

Mrs. S. Parvathi Vijayakumar