IWC Lübeck: 50 year commitment to others

Posted by | Sep 24, 2019 |

50 years ago, the Inner Wheel Club Lübeck was admitted to the world community. The ladies celebrated this anniversary with guests from home and abroad in St. Marien of Lübeck, Germany.

The Inner Wheel Club Lübeck with its currently almost 50 members is the first and oldest club in Germany and was founded in 1968, 51 years ago. The ladies around President Doris Plunien have celebrated now, because on 13 September 1969, they were "chartered", so included in the world community of clubs. Exactly 50 years later, they celebrated with guests from all over Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland for several days - culminating in the ceremony in St. Marien.


















A candle of friendship

"Grateful backward - courageously forward" Lübeck's current Inner Wheel President Doris Plunien formulated the motto of the jubilee and ignited a candle of friendship at the beginning of the festive program in the middle of the choir room. For the living and in memory of the founding members of their club, who 50 years ago had the courage to organize themselves as women in their own club.

Friends and representatives from all over Germany

The number of well-wishers was immense. Inner Wheel friends and official Inner Wheel representatives from all over Germany came to Lübeck to celebrate. They wanted to make visible how strong and self-confident Inner Wheel is today with its commitment to the weak in our society, but above all to the commitment of women and children.

International responsibility

The National Representative, Prof. Dr. Jutta Stender-Vorwachs, recalled in her speech  that Germany, as the third largest Inner Wheel country in the world after England and India, must also be prepared to take on international responsibility: Courageously forward, with transparency at all levels and with respect for each other.


TH president thanks for engagement

Much approval was given to the speech of the day by Dr. Muriel Helbig, President of the Technical University Lübeck. Her very personal speech was marked by recognition for the performance of the Inner Wheeler members for the social issues on site and thanks for the international commitment, especially as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the UN.

Donation to the Health Mobile

On the occasion of the anniversary, the President of the Inner Wheel Club Lübeck presented a check of € 15,000 to Miss Gritzka for the “Health Mobile” in Lübeck. Since 2007 volunteer doctors, a dentist, nurses and drivers help. They provide medical help and social counselling free of charge for many disadvantaged people in Lübeck.


Doris Plunien