Towards an Orphan Free India, 2024

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Aug 30, 2019 |

Mission Mamta is gaining traction within in India and generating very welcome publicity. IWC Khamgaon attached banners of Mission Mamta - Orphan free India to Autorickshaws, thus highlighting the message that every child needs family. These rickshaws will spread the message for adoption throughout Khamgaon city (see below).







To spread the word further, seminars on being held on the subject of Orphan Free India. One such event was held in July, at Club Millennium, Juhu, with notable guest speakers.

District Chairman Dr. Devangi Vakharia and Project Chairman PAP Pushpa Suryamurthy arranged a Seminar for members on Adoption Awareness. Guest Speaker Mr. Sunil Arora from Bal Asha Trust appreciated the concept of Orphan Free India and enlightened the members on the various aspects of Adoption. He also explained the nuances and intricacies involved in child adoption and how Inner Wheel could help them in increasing the number of adoptions. Guest Mr. Pravin Ghuge - Chairman of Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights also elaborated the State Government’s role in child right protection and difficulties faced by them.

In mid-August, IWC Khamgaon felicitated Mr Firojbhai Pinjari who, in addition to his first biological baby boy, adopted a second baby girl and gave big message to society. 

Hopefully, this will encourage others to follow and to ensure that Mission Mamta achieves its objective.


Mrs. Seema Khaitan, National Editor (2019-20)