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Posted by | Aug 05, 2019 |

Logo Everywhere Inner Wheel Everywhere

Inner Wheel Club of Cochin

The Inner Wheel Club image soared sky high as a 1250 sq. ft. sized hoarding dominated a busy stretch of the Kaloor-Kadavanthara road in Ernakulam city in Cochin. IWC Cochin, taking a cue from National President Mamta Gupta's emphasis on branding Inner Wheel, hoisted the massive hoarding. 

The Golden Jubilee celebration of District 320 was a perfect time to begin an image building campaign. The Club was inundated with appreciative calls from those who had seen the signboard. 

The Club has also launched a car sticker campaign and printed a brochure to create awareness about Inner Wheel and its mission.


Mrs. Seema Khaitan, National Editor (2019-20)