Taal: The Heartbeat for Rural Girls

Posted by | Aug 02, 2019 |

Rural School Girls (Delhi & NCR) - To promote education for Rural school-age girls from remote areas.

MAKA - THE BEST OF THE BEST, The Signature Project of District 301 under CARING FOR WOMEN & GIRLS & Women Empowerment Committee was flagged off by Chief Guest Association President Mamta Gupta. 

District Chairman Madhu Nagpal had convened the Joint District Project at the Gaur International School Stadium, where 263 ladies bicycles were presented to carefully chosen village girls to give empowerment, dignity & self-esteem to them, many who walk several kilometres daily to reach school or college. It was a heart touching moment and a hugely well attended event to give shape to the dream of revitalizing & providing for the rural community.

This was extensively covered by the media as well.


Mrs. Seema Khaitan, National  Editor (2019-2020)